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Wenceslas Square (City Centre), Vodickova 11, Prague, Czech Republic → Show on map

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V8 3-Bedroom (More ...)

Size: 75m2, Floor: 4 with Lift
Bedrooms: 3,  Bathrooms: 2,  Sleeps: 8
Free transfer
30% special discount
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V7 2-Bedroom (More ...)

Size: 60m2, Floor: 4 with Lift
Bedrooms: 2,  Bathrooms: 2,  Sleeps: 7
Free transfer
30% special discount
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Wenceslas Square area in City Centre, Vodickova 11, Prague


We will take care about your stay in Prague profesionaly with all our experience and personal care.

Apartments at Residence Capital Vodickova are a depandance of "Residence Capital". Building is located just a short walk from buzzing Wenceslas Square and does not have a reception desk - check-in takes please on Wenceslas Square 36, where is the main building of Residence Capital. Reception desk is open non-stop.

In diference to hotel rooms, which are great for short visits when things such as cooking your own meal are not relevant and a decent bed is what you need, apartments give you more freedom to settle in – you can cook your own meals, store your stuff in a fridge which is not full of standard minibar goods and of course the apartments are also much more spacious. Apartments are suitable for couples, families, friends, bigger groups of people, celebrations etc. as their price is lower than hotel accommodation (in a long-term point of view).

Residence Capital Vodickova offers 5 spacious flats and total of 37 beds.
All apartments have fully equipped kitchen (dishwasher, cooker with oven, microwave, kettle, filter coffee machine and toaster and basic cooking utensils such as pans, pots, glasses, cups, plates, cutlery etc). In each apartment there is also LCD TV, wi-fi connection, safety deposit box, washing machine, clothes drying rack, iron and ironing board.
Basic cleaning is ensured daily.

Portable A/C on request for EUR 10/per night
Breakfast on request EUR 7/person

Wireless / Cable Internet Washing machine Elevator / Lift Guarded parking


Vodickova street connects Prague´s two largest squares – Charles Square and Wenceslas Square. It is one of the busiest streets in the whole city.
Nowadays it is one of the most vibrant Prague streets, it is used by both cars and trams and at the corner of the street and Wenceslas Square there is a metro station (Můstek). In the street there are to be found plenty of shops, pubs, restaurants or the famous Lucerna Bar and Světozor cinema.

Distance from
Prague Castle Charles Bridge Powder Gate
National Theatre Old Town Square Wenceslas Square


All Apartment facilities are shown on Rates & Availability section of this page when you click on Apartment type name.
Food & Drinks
Breakfast can be arranged for extra charge of 7€/person/day in next-door in artisan bakery&café Krusta, a unique combination of an artisanal bakery, restaurant and café where you can find the very freshest baked goods directly from the hands of their baker. In addition to the shop with bread, pastries, fresh salads and hand-made products, the Krusta concept also includes a restaurant with authentic home cooking and a peaceful café area where you can relax with a cup of premium coffee or enjoy a glass of fine wine with friends.

Just a few steps away you can also visit Pasta Krusta offering you genuine Mediterranean cuisine in all of its simplicity, freshness and payfulness . At Pasta Krusta, you will find fourteen types of salsa which you can combine with seven types of fresh Italian pasta of your choice.

In the same street you will also find well-known chains as McDonald´s, Costa Coffee, Bageterie Boulevard or Ugo (fresh juices and salads).
Leisure & Fitness
All our clients have a free access to the gym on the 4th floor of the main building on Wenceslas Square 36 daily from 8am to noon.
Garage available on the address Vaclavske namesti 36 where the check in takes place. It is necessary to book it in advance. Price EUR 25 per day


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