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Welcome to TravelCook.com, the smart hotels and apartments discount booking service.

TravelCook.com aims to make online hotel bookings as simple and enjoyable as possible. From this website you have access to a vast choice of carefully selected and generously discounted hotels and apartments. When you search our website, thousands of discounted room prices are taken from our database and presented to you in a simple and clear format.

There are numerous advantages of booking with TravelCook.com, the most of important of which can be summarised very simply: You save money - because every single hotel room or apartment is guaranteed to be discounted. You save time - its simple to find the best hotels for you, and bookings (and cancellations) are instant - no fuss, and no waiting. You have a choice of over 500 carefully selected hotels and apartments ranging from budget to luxury. Every reservation you make is on a 'per room per night' basis (not per person). There are no fees, no additional costs, and all rates include VAT.

Our booking system (Why we are better!)

The hotels and apartments featured on this website use TravelCook.com directly for the distribution of rooms at vastly discounted rates. Our competitors mostly use a different system called the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), through which hotels can sell their rooms via many travel agents throughout the world.

GDS is very expensive for the hotels to use, therefore, when hotels set their rates when using GDS, the rates are usually higher to cover the extra costs.

TravelCook.com is not linked with GDS - we use our own inventory system, which allows the hotels to provide discounted rates to us directly. This gives us two significant advantages over our competitors: We are cheaper - because it is cheaper for the hotels to sell rooms direct through our booking system than it is with GDS, hotels can afford to offer us better rates. We provide a better, more informed service - because we deal with the hotels and apartments directly (rather than through a faceless GDS computer interface) we have built, and continue to build, strong relationships. As a result our knowledge of our hotels and apartments is superior.

Our customer service

TravelCook.com is dedicated to high levels of service to its customers - from the hotel or apartment products offered, to the customer care provided before, during and after your hotel stay.

The customer relationship does not end when you hit the "book now" button; we are here to help you with all your queries and needs. At TravelCook.com, we don't make assumptions about what you know, we give you as much information as possible, but we never forget the importance of your questions. And because we specialise in Europe, you will find our in-depth knowledge of Europe hotels and apartment to be invaluable.

Our hotels & apartments

The hotels and apartments you find on TravelCook.com are chosen according to strict guidelines. Hotels and apartments are carefully screened before they appear on our website, to make sure that they reach high standards that are commensurate with the rates offered. Many of the hotels and apartments featured on TravelCook.com have been distributing rooms using our database since 2000. These long-term professional relationships have benefited our company greatly due to the greater understanding we have developed over time, and the fantastic rates that we are able to negotiate.

Your feedback

We are confident that you will enjoy your booking experience at TravelCook.com. Your opinions are vital to enable us to continue to bring you the ultimate on-line booking experience. If there are any improvements or enhancements you would like to suggest please email your feedback to info@travelcook.com.

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